TiP tools

The five fischerTiP tools are produced from resource-saving bioplastics.  This helps fischerTiP stay true to its high commitment to sustainability.

The tools help children create their models and bring their creativity to life. The tools can be used to shape, press, and cut fischerTiPs even easier. Tools also make it easier to paint with fischerTiPs.

The cutting tool

  • The cutting tool (knife) can be used to easily modify fischerTiPs.
  • fischerTiPs can simply be cut in half, cut into strips, and cut into small pieces.

The building block mold

  • The building block mold can be used to easily change round fischerTiPs into square blocks.
  • Simply place the individual fischerTiPs in the building block mold and press it together.
  • This creates great square blocks you can use to craft houses, castles, and much more. 

The stencil insert for brickwork

  • The stencil insert for brickwork can be used to give square blocks a great masonry texture.
  • First insert the template into the building block mold.
  • Then place the individual fischerTiPs in the block mold and press it together.
  • This gives fischerTiPs a “real” masonry texture – houses and castles look even more real.

The paint and glue cap

  • Use the painting and gluing tool to paint great pictures.
  • Press the individual fischerTiPs into the tool and hold them there with your finger.
  • Dip the fischerTiPs in water so they will dissolve and turn into wonderful paints.
  • Now, you can use these vivid paints to draw beautiful pictures on a piece of paper or a coloring sheet.
  • The tool can also be used as a gluing tool, thanks to the adhesive properties of the potato starch.

The rasp

  • The rasp can be used to easily grate fischerTiPs into small pieces.
  • Press the individual fischerTiPs against the grater, grate away, and you can create beautiful pollen or snow to decorate your flowers, trees, or landscapes.