Basic functions

The secret behind fischerTiPs is their raw material: Potato starch, dyed every color of the rainbow with food coloring. The non-toxic starch in fischerTiPs gets sticky as soon as it touches water. Use a moist sponge to create wonderful models using colorful fischerTiPs. They are also very easy to cut, press, roll, and shape. You can build colorful figurines, flowers, necklaces, or even whole landscapes with no adhesives at all. fischerTiPs stick on many different materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, wood, or plastic.

Painting with fischerTiPs is also child’s play:  Dissolve the TiPs, which come in twelve basic colors, in water to create paints you can use to draw great pictures.

This is how it works:

Moisten the sponge cloth with water.

Squeeze the sponge cloth out so that it is really just damp and not wet.

Tip the TiPs briefly on the sponge cloth.

Just press the TiPs against each other.