What is the creative material fischerTiP made of?

Colorful fischerTiPs are made from potato starch and are dyed using food coloring. The potato starch is produced on domestic farms and is 100 percent biodegradable.

Are fischerTiPs toxic?

The fischerTiP creative material is completely non-toxic, even if your child puts it in its mouth or swallows it. 

Our fischerTiPs have “shrunk,” even though we stored them in the original bucket. What happened?

fischerTiPs should not come into contact with moisture if you’re not crafting with them. If the moist sponge is left in the bucket or in the box, the fischerTiPs inside will dissolve since they are made from potato starch. As a result, the contents of the bucket or the box will “shrink.” Therefore, it is very important not to leave the sponge in the bucket after use, but rather to dry it out completely.

What material are fischerTiP tools made from?

The tools were produced from resource-saving bioplastics. These bioplastics are made from sustainable, renewable raw materials that are biodegradable. This helps us protect the environment and stay true to our high commitment to sustainability.  

Where can I find templates and ideas for fischerTiP models?

We offer free fischerTiP pictures on our homepage to color, idea templates and creative instructions to copy.

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Helpful and beautiful tutorials are also available on our YouTube channel.

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Where can I purchase fischerTiPs?

The fischerTiP assortment is sold through specialty retailers. You can find our retailer search here, which allows you to easily find retailers near you:

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Where can I purchase fischerTiP tools?

The fischerTiP tool is included in each of our themed boxes. The larger the box, the more tools it contains to allow you to design even more fantastic models.
We recommend purchasing the fischerTiP Premium Box XL, which includes all the tools:  A sponge, a cutting tool, a paint and glue cap, a building block mold, two stencils masonry, a rasp and three sticks. 

You can purchase individual tools from our distribution partner D-Edition.