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fischerTiP "The big book of ideas"

High-quality crafting book with instructions, patterns, and much more

Art.-No. 40997

Product Description

The fischerTiP "The big book of ideas" offers 24 picture templates, in which two-dimensional images can be created very easily. And the book can do even more! The image templates are printed on both sides. It is therefore possible to paint and glue the templates on both sides, then cut them out and make a mobile out of them. One book - numerous possibilities.
What´s Special?
  • Sticks without glue, therefore safe and harmless
  • Outstanding adhesive characteristics
  • Brilliant, powerful, lustrous colors
  • Renewable raw material and therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Neutral odour
  • Bioplastic tools
  • High quality “Made in Germany“


In the TiP book included:

  • 80 Pages
  • Exact instructions and examples
  • Templates
  • Many photos of individual steps
  • Handy tips

Technical Data

Technical Data

Amperage 12,95
Size of packaging 19 x 1,3 x 26,5 cm
Weight 440 g
Volume 0,6 liter
EAN-Code 4037354409971