fischertechnik - understand technology through play

fischertechnik is an educational toy “Made in Germany,” and is manufactured at the Waldachtal location in the northern Black Forest.

The fischertechnik basic building block is the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets, which are assembled appropriately for children's, elementary school students’, or advanced students’ ages and skill levels. The “versatile” basic building block allows you to add other parts and build on all six sides. Everything works together and fits together to create a logical concept. Block for block. From great basic building blocks to refined technology details, you can combine everything together. No matter how challenging the models are, fischertechnik guarantees you can always use parts from any construction set we have ever produced. Learning success, with guaranteed playing fun!

Our building blocks fulfill lots of different pedagogical demands through a single system - without other aids or special instructions. fischertechnik teaches basic technical knowledge and promotes:

  •  hand-eye coordination
  •  gross and fine motor skills
  •  spatial thinking abilities
  •  imagination and creativity, and
  •  logical thinking skills.